Frequently Asked Questions

What are self-storage units? How does self storage work?

Self-storage units are individual storage units that people or businesses can hire on a short or long term lease. They’re called self-storage units because they’re self managed and private. Only you can access your unit.

Basically when you hire a storage unit from us, you are paying us to provide you with a safe, secure, clean, dry and convenient storage space for your goods and possessions. We’ll keep them safe and secure for you for as long as you need.

How much do storage units cost?

At StorageNZ we pride ourselves on being the “cheapest in town” without skimping on quality.

Our units are charged monthy, based on the size of the unit. For the smallest unit (enough to store 1 – 2 rooms worth of stuff), it’s $35 per week.

For the middle size ( to store furniture for a 2-3 bedroom home)  it’s $40 per week.

For the largest (equivalent to a single car garage), it’s $50 per week.

How secure are your self storage units?

We use multiple forms of security to keep your goods safe, including

HDD Video Surveillance and CCTV, individually alarmed units, fully electrified fencing and 24/7 security company monitoring across all locations. There are things that you as a customer can also do to boost the security of your unit.

  • Get the best quality padlock you can afford to secure your unit. Padlocks act as deterrents to opportunistic robberies, so get a tamper-proof lock. Disc or cylinder locks are superior to locks with long shackles that can be cut easily with bolt cutters.

  • Don’t share your access code or key with anyone! Friends, family and acquaintances can also be thieves. Be careful who you let into your storage unit and keep what you’re storing and where you’re storing it private.

  • Don’t keep anything valuable in your unit that insurance won’t cover in case of a loss. This includes cash and jewellery. Be clear on what your insurance policy covers.

  • Know what you are storing. Make an inventory of the items you are storing, with photographs if possible, and keep in a safe place. This might seem like overkill, but when you’ve forgotten exactly what is in those 15 boxes in a year, it’ll be a time-saver.

  • Even if insurance isn’t required, purchase it anyway. Make sure you have covered the full value of what you have in storage, and make sure you understand your policy thoroughly.
When can I access my storage unit?
At Storage NZ we have open access to the facility between 7am and 7pm. Outside those hours, simply phone for access.
Do I need insurance to rent a unit?

We strongly recommend it.  Having insurance covers your belongings against accidental damage, bad weather and other unforeseen catastrophes, and means you can rest easier knowing your possessions are protected against every possibility.

We’ll soon be offering comprehensive rental insurance through Storage NZ, or you can get covered by the insurer of your choice. 

Is my rental tax deductible?

Yes. If the unit is being used for your business, you can claim your storage unit rental on your tax return as a business expense.
If you’re unsure, we recommend consulting Inland Revenue.

What size storage unit do I need?

If you’re not sure, the best thing to do is to get in touch with us for a quick, no obligation chat! We’re happy to work with you to find the storage unit to suit your needs the best – and you’re welcome to come and view available options.

What can I store?

Personal belongings such as furniture, clothing, sporting or gardening equipment, tools, appliances, books, photos, personal documents and files.

Business equipment such as furniture, retail stock, tools, archive files and documents, promo items, excess inventory.

Collections: e.g. wine; art; clothing

Vehicles:  Cars, boats, motorbikes, trailers, campervans, kayaks

What can’t I store?

There are a few items that are a no-go for storage. Steer clear of:

  • Food items.  Not only will it rot and spoil over time, creating sticky, smelly messes, it will probably attract insects or rodents. Nobody wants that!

  • Plants – Plants need light, food and water, and will die faster in a storage unit than anywhere else.

  • Cash – If you keep quantities of cash in a storage unit, it probably won’t be covered by insurance. You’ll be better off taking it to the bank where it belongs.

  • Living creatures – you can’t keep animals in a storage unit, and you can’t choose to live in a storage unit yourself.

  • Hazardous material - If it’s combustible, flammable, corrosive, explosive, smelly, toxic, or radioactive – that’s a definite no-no for storage. This includes chemicals, paint, gas and petrol, batteries, and aerosols.

  • Stolen or illegal goods - obviously not covered by insurance, and likely to get you in trouble with the law. Steer clear.

You can store equipment that uses petrol or gas, such as a lawn mower or a barbecue, but you must ensure that they are clean and empty of fuel.

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